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What is Light Up Africa?
Light Up Africa is a non -profit club that is set-up to educate young people about renewable & non- renewable energy solutions and to inspire them to birth solutions to solve the power problem in Africa. The program is categorized into three (3) classes: 1. Kids – 4yrs – 8yrs (Jan – March) 2. Preteens – 9yrs – 13yrs (March – May) 3. Youngsters 14 – 25yrs (Jun – Aug) 4. Bootcamp for all classes – 6 days in september
The Aim
1. To educate the youngsters about energy solutions for Africa 2. To inspire young Africans to be committed to solving the energy problem in Africa 3. To create career & job pportunities in the energy sector 4. To discourage brain drain in the energy sector in Africa 5. To democratize renewable energy solutions to the low income earners
1. We will run clubs for 3 months for each age bracket to educate them online 2. Do practical sessions & programs 3. Every class will do a renewable energy project (power solution) every year 4. We will also offer internship programs for Top 3 of the class every year 5. We will offer job opportunities for a few club members every year. 6. We will light up some homes with renewable energy solutions.
Our Classes
Classes run in batches every year online. We have the bootcamps once a year for each group. Registration is done online. We reach out to you to discuss your interest before admitting you in the program.
If you are interested in this program, click the button below to register.
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