About Nukenz

Who We Are

Nukenz is a leading Renewable Engineering Energy Company that provides energy solutions through engineering and technical advisory services in wind, solar systems, wave and tidal projects. We have a team of engineers, consultants, and hands-on staff who are skilled and have extensive experiences. We build, install, repair, and overhaul different eco-friendly energy sources. The problem of power distribution and rate changes nationwide and worldwide is cumbersome. The damages ranging from loss of data, interruption of business activities, health hazards and security risks are overwhelming as such the need for a sustainable solution. Renewable energy becomes then a solution to power failure.
Our jobs and products are basically of IEC and SON standards with unique features of universal grid and compatibility design, which ensures total reliability and meet various stringent power applications.
Nukenz was established in 2009 by Ekenson, Nkpouko and Ekenson, Idopise. Our first office was opened in Uyo, Nigeria in 2009 followed by an office in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria in 2013. However, we have field men who are always on the move to execute projects within any parts of Nigeria. This we have done since the inception of the company.


What We Do

We provide Renewable Energy (Design & Construction of Solar & Inverter Systems), Electrical/Electronic Design & Development, Consultancy and Logistics.

Our Vision

To provide eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions to the society.

Our Mission

To create value for our clients by delivering energy solutions through our highly skilled disciplined engineering team in the design, construction, delivery and operation of high quality sustainable energy services.


# objective 1

Providing technical excellence to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects globally promptly and on budget.

# objective 4

Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to local and regional communities around the world.

# objective 2

Delivering outstanding service to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of renewable energy projects.

# objective 5

Supporting and promoting clean, secure and economically viable renewable energy developments to ensure decreased dependence on fossil fuels with the aim of mitigating the worst effects of climate change.

# objective 3

Making a significant contribution to sustainable development by advising on the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally.

Our Brands…


For any inquiries call the hotline: +234 (0) 803 881 7897